Revolución Limo at Arco 2021



Revolución Limo and Del Pino Del Valle Arquitectura studio join forces to create a space around art and sustainability at ARCO: SALA 40. SALA 40 is inspired by the most modern urban trends and respect for nature.

ARCOmadrid 2021, organized by IFEMA MADRID, held its 40th edition from July 7 to 11 with the aim of marking a turning point to relaunch and reactivate the contemporary art market.

In this context, SALA 40 hosted different events throughout the Fair that focused on three main themes: the future of the art market and fairs; sustainability and equality agendas; and other contemporary concerns.

In addition to the furniture in the Hall, which features pieces from the Limo Revolution collection and, therefore, completely sustainable, recycled plastic panels have been used to cover walls and floor, as well as one hundred percent natural vegetation to cover the ceiling. In this small ecosystem, recycled plastic is fully integrated with nature.

Revolución Limo is a business project created in early 2021 by designers, interior designers and environmental experts, which applies the most advanced innovation in the design and manufacture of furniture made entirely from recycled plastic.

The project seeks to answer the following question: “why continue to use natural resources when we can use existing materials“.

Revolución Limo, a business project created at the beginning of 2021 that applies the most advanced innovation in the design and manufacture of furniture made entirely from recycled plastic, and the architecture and interior design studio Del Pino Del Valle, specialized in combining urban spaces with natural environments that respect the environment.

For its part, Del Pino Del Valle studio has a long history in the fields of architecture and interior design, using design to create unique spaces with a commitment to innovation, habitability and excellence. Both David del Pino and Cristina del Valle, its founders, share a common motto that they raise to its maximum exponent in each of their projects: “Architecture is to put in order a room, a house, a city”.

The project has counted with the participation of the biophilic design studio Monamour Natural Design, leaders in natural vegetation projects, and with the ecopanels of AISTEC. VBO has also participated in the technical lighting; Aromas, in decorative lighting, and Moblibérica and Atelier, with their seats.