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These decorative trays add a touch of color to the entryway or dresser. An original piece made from 100% recycled plastic where you can leave your keys when you get home or accessories.

Due to the manufacturing process, each piece is unique and unrepeatable.

Size ø25 or ø20 cm
Made 100% with recycled plastic
Made in Spain
Trays are available in the colours galaxia, tarifa, mistral, piñata and dálmata.



Sustainable Design

The various finishes of our collection come from different types of plastic: the source of our Piñata pieces is single-use plastic cutlery. The Dálmata and Galaxia pieces are made of plastic from refrigerators and other electronic waste such as hairdryers and computer mice and keyboards. The Tarifa finish comes from 3D print filament spools, and Mistral from a combination of refrigerator and single-use cutlery plastics.

All our pieces are handcrafted and as a result, each piece is unique. Therefore, images should be used for reference but there will never be identical pieces.

The tray is available in these colours:

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galaxia, tarifa, mistral, piñata, dálmata


20 cm, 25 cm