A pioneering firm in sustainable furniture Welcome to Revolución Limo,


Welcome to Revolución Limo, a pioneering firm in sustainable furniture

A project that is the result of the talent and commitment of the Limo Community, made up of designers, interior decorators, environmental experts, friends in general, who are responding to today’s unavoidable questions: Why continue consuming new natural resources when we can reuse existing ones? Why not create a sustainable alternative to conventional furniture?

At Revolución Limo we apply upcycling or creative recycling, a technique to create objects out of recycled material with greater added value than the originals.
We use plastic to make designer furniture never seen before.
An attractive and sustainable solution for a global emergency.

Revolución Limo closes the recycling loop: we recover plastic to give it a better use. We recycle to create a home.

Plastic pollution is one of the greatest threats to life on Earth. Increasingly dreadful images of seas turned into gigantic dumps are flooding the news and social media. These are single-use items which we often barely use, but which will remain in the environment for centuries, causing an environmental disaster. We need plastics inside the production system. Not outside, polluting our planet.

“Extend your commitment also to choosing your furniture. The time has come to act.”

You are avoiding unnecessary packaging and containers, you save water, you use energy ever more efficiently, you worry about the origin of your food, you travel sustainably, and above all, you recycle. What if we go a step further?. What if we close the loop?

Att Revolución Limo our work is inspired by you and thinking about the planet. We apply creativity and sustainability to the manufacturing of designer furniture: from the origin of the waste to your sitting room. We decide which plastics we will use, where their materials come from and what recovery possibilities they provide.


Revolución Limo closes the recycling loop by recovering all these materials, giving them a new use to create a home. And we do it in a healthy, safe and stable manner. Our furniture offers outfitting solutions that are eco-responsible so you can show your commitment with the Earth.

Out of the 78 million tons of plastic produced every year, only 2% is successfully recycled and included in the circular economy. It’s up to you to make that percentage greater. Join that 2%.

Join Revolución Limo.



The Limo Coffee Table has an original design and striking geometric shapes. It is made up of two parts, allowing different layouts, and the surface is durable and resistant.


The Limo wall shelf is an ideal designer piece to decorate any room.


The folding table is the ideal piece for small spaces or areas which are to be kept clear. It is highly decorative folded, and when opened it can be used as a desk or a multipurpose table.


Our convenient dining table is round, with a cross leg base, and seats four. It is also perfect for a study area / meeting room, or as a hall table.


The Limo side tables are original pieces which can be easily mixed in any type of space. They add a touch of colour to any room in the house.


Revolución Limo and The Good Plastic Company join forces to manufacture and distribute recycled plastic panels. An innovative and sustainable alternative for the world of interior design that, in addition to ensuring respect for the environment and the reduction of its carbon footprint, serves to create spaces with design. This is upcycling or creative recycling. 

Every year, 400 million tons of plastic waste are produced worldwide. Aware of the situation, Revolución Limo, exclusive partner of The Good Plastic Company in Spain, launches this service so that plastic waste, instead of ending up in landfills and oceans, will be transformed in elegant decorative panels.

We offer our customers the possibility of generating aesthetic and functional designs from waste to make more visible their commitment to the environment.

Each pattern is made from one single type of plastic, so they are 100% recyclable and entirely made from recycled material. The standard collection is ready to order in sizes 1000 x 1000 mm, 1400 x 14000 mm, 1400 x 2800 mm and in thicknesses of 10 mm, 15 mm and 20 mm. Thinner and thicker sizes for special orders are also available.

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Thanks to our alliance with The Good Plastic Company, we offer exclusively in Spain a completely innovative material for construction and interior design, nonexistent in the market until now: panels made entirely of recycled plastic of a quality and hardness that make it suitable for any type of use in interior and exterior design and commercial spaces: wall cladding, flooring, bars or counters, showcases and furniture for different types of projects.


For the entire production process, only recovered plastics of the same type are mixed to enable subsequent recycling (circular recycling).
During the material transformation cycle, no CO2 is emitted, green energy is used and no waste is produced: everything is reused.
An outstanding example of upcycling (recycling to create objects of greater value than the original) since the origin of many of the plastics is single-use (such as plastic cutlery).



1000 x 1000 mm

1400 x 1400 mm

1400 x 2800 mm



Matte or glossy finish

High stiffness




10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm

(±1mm tolerance depending on plastic type)








CEO Tinkle International
Architect, Founder of  DPDV
Interior Designer, Founder of  DPDV
Environmental Journalist and Author specialized in sustainability
Interior Designer at  Enric Marín Diseño


Revolución Limo S.L.


    We’re living times of commitment. Commitment with society, with people, with the planet. We are part of a responsible and collaborative community which is changing its habits to improve our relationship with the environment and become part of the solution.

    At Revolución Limo we work to provide you with a new way to help the planet. That is why we resort to recycled plastic for a furniture collection that is 100% sustainable, made from waste containers, single-use cutlery, IT materials and old appliances.

    “The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is asking companies to innovate and take bold steps to recycle plastics”.

    In their second report on the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment to promote the circular use of plastics, the  Ellen MacArthur Foundation   and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) highlighted that the advances made by governments and corporations are still not enough, and they asked for everybody’s collaboration for more responsible consumption. 

    Our furniture respects the environment: from the supply of materials, to recycling to manufacturing our furniture, promoting reuse of waste plastic to furnish our homes more sustainably.

    At Revolución Limo we support the Objetivos de Desarrollo UN´s  2030 Sustainable Development Goals  and have joined advances towards the ecological transition driven by the European Commission.

    Because we are all part of the solution:

    Join the Limo Revolution